AIS Accommodation, Information and Support Inc.

Why I Think Iler Campbell is Swell ... and Deserving of an Award of Excellence for Client Care

I have had the opportunity to consult with many of the fine lawyers at Iler Campbell over my 30 year career as Executive Director of a small non profit. AIS provides housing and support to persons with mental health challenges who have experienced homelessness. We own and manage four small apartment buildings in the communities of Riverdale; Beaches; Annex; and Downtown Toronto. As we gradually and steadily grew over the years, we found many situations that required the skilled guidance of legal expertise.

Matters relating to: real estate transactions; lease negotiations; ‘sticky’ tenancy matters; ethical issues related to accepting donations from service users; by law advice; reviewing construction advances; human resources conundrums; and dealing with Contractors who don’t honour their commitments, have all been expertly managed by a group of committed lawyers who understand the nuances of non profit governance.

To affirm that a law practice is part of an Executive Director’s tool kit for managing the ups and downs of a non profit is an understatement. Over all these years, Iler Campbell’s customer service has been consistently above average. When I call for guidance, it is often because a crisis is looming and we want to be proactive in our response. For the most part, I am immediately connected to a lawyer and the consultation begins. Together, we manage the legal issue with grace and humour. And I get a good night’s sleep.

As we value this prompt attention to our needs, we have continued to be honoured to be represented by Iler Campbell in our legal matters.

Marissa Bastidas
AIS Accommodation, Information and Support Inc.

Hearthmakers Energy Co-operative

When I approached Brian Iler back in 2004 or 2005 about an unfortunate situation Hearthmakers found itself in, I knew that your firm had a reputation for investing in good causes.

I had no idea that Iler Campbell would go to the lengths it did over 5 years, taking risks few other firms would take in support of a small co-op, to help Hearthmakers achieve a resolution. Every person I came to work with at Iler Campbell was competent, compassionate, and unyielding in their support of our small co-operative. You were each pleasant and professional to work with, and conducted this case with integrity of the type not always a given in my past experience with corporate lawyers.

To the whole Iler Campbell team, THANK YOU.

Stephen Sottile
Hearthmakers Energy Co-operative

Toronto Artscape

We have worked closely with the team at Iler Campbell for several years and their level of service and attention to detail has been extremely helpful as we navigate the tricky waters of non-profit property development. Their recent assistance on developing a robust concept for affordable condo sales to artists was invaluable. The team includes enough variety of talent and experience to tackle the wide range of projects facing Artscape, yet they are nimble enough to spring into action when most needed.

Celia Smith
Vice President of Operations
Toronto Artscape Inc.

Options for Homes

Options for Homes has provided cost-effective homes for over 2500 households in the GTA in the past 16 years, and Iler Campbell have been a strong partner of Options since the beginning. We have relied on their excellent service (legal advice, document creation, escrow agent services) as part of our work to create home ownership opportunities for everyone. Thanks for standing by us and we look forward to growing with you into the future!

Options for Homes

Project Bookmark Canada

When I researched law firms for my hoped-for charity, Iler Campbell was the name I kept hearing recommended. Now I know why. The team at Iler Campbell was exacting in helping me set up my non-profit and then in determining the best language and explanation for our charitable application. And it worked. Just a few months later I got the call—we had been approved for charitable status on our first application. Thank you, Iler Campbell for helping Project Bookmark Canada move smoothly from concept to reality.

Miranda Hill
Founder and Executive Director
Project Bookmark Canada

Sierra Club Ontario

In my long thirty plus year career as an environmental activist it has been my great privilege to be closely associated with Iler Campbell.

This association began in the late 1970s when I was involved in civil disobedience activities directed at Canada and Ontario's development and operation of nuclear power generation facilities. Brian Iler was the lead member of our pro bono team of lawyers. His involvement grew from there to include the roles of member and officer of two Boards of Directors of environmental organizations with which I was associated.

This professional/personal relationship has grown over the years. When Paula Boutis joined Iler Campbell a few years ago, the engagement of Sierra Club Ontario with Iler Campbell increased substantially. As Director of SCO I already had a long-standing and positive professional relationship with Paula. Her years of experience related to Sierra Club, along with her legal expertise, particularly in matters related to the environment, have been very beneficial to SCO and to our mission to protect the natural environment.

My three decades plus of interaction with the Iler Campbell team has been positive and rewarding. I look forward to the continuation of our long and substantial association.

Dan McDermott
Sierra Club Ontario