Lauren Blumas

Lauren Blumas

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There was a time when I thought a job was a job - it didn’t necessarily need to serve my values. Before going to law school, I took some time away from school, picking up short term serving gigs and taking off when possible. Through a series of personal experiences during that time, I started to feel unsettled about my path. It was at that time that I decided to apply to law school. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I was fairly certain that law school could provide an avenue to a meaningful career. Part way through, I came across Iler Campbell. With its focus on community based organizations, it stood out as a different kind of firm. I began to hound them to take me on, and as they say, the rest is history.

As a full service firm to a variety of co-ops, charities and non profits, Iler Campbell does a broad range of work. I’m a junior lawyer at the firm and so, do a little bit of everything. I work especially closely with Celia on housing matters and Ted, Brian and Shelina on affordable housing and solar energy developments. Lately, I’ve been turning my attention to building a practice in elder law, particularly in the housing context, and recently had the privilege of authoring Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association’s (ONPHA) membership guide on managing aging tenants with diminished capacity and writing for on the right to die with dignity.

Outside of work, I am engaged with my community. I sit on the boards of the West End Food Co-op and Trinity Square Cafe, a back to work program and community hub for people living with mental illness and addictions. Having experience on the boards of community based organizations allows me to understand the constraints our clients operate within and informs the work that I do here at Iler Campbell.

It’s really our clients that promote progressive values through the work that they do. I’m happy that I’ve found a home here supporting them.