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What can you expect from articling with Iler Campbell?

May 8th, 2017 by Iler Campbell

In short: to do meaningful work for organizations making a difference in their community, while being mentored by a passionate team of practitioners.

As the only student in a small general service firm, you’ll get a taste of all our practice areas, including charity & non‑profit law, commercial law, real estate, human rights, landlord and tenant law, employment law, construction, corporate governance & structuring, estate law and civil litigation.

You’ll be exposed to all the firm’s major client groups, including housing co‑operatives, affordable housing developers, non‑profit organizations in a variety of industries, progressive for‑profit organizations.

What makes Iler Campbell different?

At Iler Campbell, we believe in the social goals of our clients, so we see our role as helping our clients do what they do – be it run a better housing co‑operative, build more renewable energy projects, create more affordable housing, or provide a charitable benefit.

We are actively involved in community‑level organizations by sitting on boards, committees or volunteering with non‑profit and charitable organizations.

What kind of work does the articling student do?

You will be asked to research and prepare client opinions that provide practical legal advice on a wide range of legal issues. Students are also trained to represent housing providers at the Landlord & Tenant Board at mediation sessions and merits hearings. Most of the firm’s civil litigation work comes from our corporate and real estate development clients; as a result, articling candidates should come expecting mostly solicitor and administrative law work – there is no guarantee that each articling period will involve much litigation. If any comes through the door, the articling student will be involved. This could include drafting submissions, preparing for examinations and disclosure, and observing court appearances. You may also get the chance to appear on simple motions or small claims court matters.

Most students are exposed to at least some stages of an affordable housing project ‑ from the purchase or sale of land, obtaining construction financing, the creation of a condominium corporation, to the sale of affordable housing units. For the student, work on these files can involve drafting agreements, organizing due diligence materials or reviewing closing documents.

Our articling student is also involved in the corporate law services we provide to our clients. This can involve reviewing by‑laws for legislative compliance, drafting employment or human rights policies and research on corporate structuring. These files involve consulting relevant legislation and preparing plain‑language materials that help our clients make decisions and understand their responsibilities as directors of a corporation, employers, housing providers, or in fulfilling their duties under the Human Rights Code or other relevant legislation.

We are a small firm, so there is no formal rotation. You will receive work directly from the lawyer working on the file and likely have a mix of litigation and corporate/transactional work on the go at the same time.

For example, in one day, you could be attending a hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board in the morning, researching an employment law issue in the afternoon, and attending a housing co‑operative board meeting to review their by‑laws in the evening.

In sum, you can expect to be exposed to a very broad range of practice areas and have a real impact on the work we do for our co‑operative, non‑profit and progressive business clients.

Come article with us!

Please submit your application for the 2018-19 articling year by Friday, July 7 to Please include a cover letter, resume, reference letters and copies of your transcripts. We look forward to hearing from you!

Travel back in time with us!

December 21st, 2016 by Iler Campbell

To celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one we’re taking you back in time. Click here to check out some notable moments from 2016.

An update from Public Interest Career Day at McGill Law

November 29th, 2016 by Safia Lakhani

On November 16th, 2016, I headed back to Montreal to participate in McGill’s public interest career day- it was my first time back at the Faculty since I graduated in 2012! In addition to meeting public interest lawyers from across Canada, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel for law students on navigating the world of public interest law. Looking at out at a room full of first, second, and third year students, I remembered what it felt like to be in the midst of exams, completing countless job applications and wondering where I would land. One of my takeaway points was that while you may not end up in a public interest job immediately after law school, you should stay connected to the areas that interest and inspire you- whether by serving on boards or doing pro bono work. Litigation skills will serve you well in public interest law, so it is also worth investing time in developing them.

Iler Campbell has hired an articling student for the 2017-2018 year. We will update our website with more information on the application process for articling in 2018-2019, so stay tuned!

Angie Joyce retires after 40 years at Iler Campbell. Wishing her all the best

October 25th, 2016 by Brian Iler
Angie, right, signs up her last client, Janis Daly, centre with Lauren Blumas.

Angie, right, signs up her last client, Janis, centre, with Lauren Blumas.

For forty years, there’s been one constant in my life as a lawyer – Angie Joyce has been by my side. That’s now changed ‑ she has retired, after all those years. 

She was in her early twenties when she started working with me, and, when the firm I was in dissolved, she stayed with me through some very lean years – sometimes offering to put off payment of her wages because there was no money to be had – she knew because she did the books.

Her keen attention to detail and her ability to work a file – and with the opposite side on a deal ‑ coupled with her ability to read my mind and my handwriting all contributed immensely to building Iler Campbell into what it is today.

She loved working with our clients, and worked directly with them, most recently on numerous real estate deals as our senior real estate clerk.

She’s been my mentor, cheerleader, and my friend. I will miss her deeply.

I wish her well.    


Construction project? Make sure you know the risks involved. Join us for a free workshop November 2.

October 24th, 2016 by Iler Campbell


Join us at at our offices 9 am on Wednesday November 2 for this free workshop led by Safia Lakhani. Spaces are very limited! Email to save your spot.

Getting it Done: How to Reduce Risk with your Construction Project
Whether you are completing building maintenance and upgrades or conducting larger-scale renovations, there are multiple risks associated with construction jobs. This session will explore ways for co-ops, condominium corporations, non-profit housing organizations, and others embarking on small or large-scale construction to mitigate risks, including: a. knowing the parties to the contract; b. properly reviewing your contract documents; and, for larger scale jobs, c. ensuring there is a bond in place from your general contractor.  We will also review  owners’ obligations under the Construction Lien Act, the provincial statute that outlines the rights and obligations of owners, landlords, contractors, and sub-contractors with respect to construction. There will be time set aside for questions.

This session is also a great opportunity for participants/attendees to get to know one another! We look forward to seeing you.

CASL 2 years in. Are you in compliance? Join us for a free checkup on October 11th.

September 22nd, 2016 by Iler Campbell


When Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) was introduced in 2014 it sparked panic in many people whose jobs involved sending emails. The intricacies of the rules were confusing and the potential fines where huge. Eventually people figured out what they had to do and got on with their jobs.

Since then, we haven’t heard a lot about CASL, but it hasn’t been entirely quiet. Major fines have been levied against offenders and new rules have come into force. Next July, the sections of the law that deal with the private right of action will come into force. Individuals and organizations will be able to sue spammers directly for CASL violations, a development that has some people panicking again.

Join us on October 11 at 4:30 for a CASL refresher with Shelina Ali, an update on what’s happened since it came into force, and a look at where it’s going. Plus, we’ll have Iler Campbell’s IT manager, Fraser Page, on hand to help you through the technical details of CASL compliance.

Want to attend? Email us at Spaces are very limited.